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Class A Driver Training


Success-Driven Training

AAA Academy is a full-service, Class A, commercial driver license training school. Under the broad wings of Button Transportation and Benjamin’s Transfer, AAA Academy, LLC was founded to ease the shortage of qualified drivers in Northern California. Our training program is as demanding as it is Success-Driven. Your success is our success. Many of our driver training graduates work at Button Transportation or Benjamin’s Transfer.


Complete Training Facility

AAA Academy’s facility and equipment are first rate.  Our instructors are highly experienced drivers and seasoned trainers.  Most importantly, our success rate is excellent.  Call us for a personal tour of our facility.  If you want to become a professional, Class A, Commercial Licensed Driver, train with a school that is in the trucking business.

Training and Testing

Our training program prepares students for the four DMV tests they will take: the written, oral, skills and drive test.  Most students are ready to pass the written test for Class A permit within three days.  Once permitted, our students focus on the oral and skills tests preparation.  The oral test requires mastery of the DMV language of the pre-trip inspection and air brakes test.  The skills test is a series of backing-up exercises with truck and trailer within lanes.  Both these tests require a great deal of practice and concentration.  Once mastered, we prepare students for the drive test.  Students are expected to take the oral, skills and drive tests on the same day.  Overall, AAA Academy’s Class A license training takes between three and four weeks to complete, depending on how quickly our students master the material.



AAA Academy, LLC is approved by the California Bureau for Private and Postsecondary Education. Approval to operate means the institution is compliant with the minimum standards contained in the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 (as amended) and Division 7.5 Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations.

AAA Academy is on the California state Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL) and the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency’s Local Training Providers List (LTPL).  This means AAA Academy qualifies for State, Federal, and Local grant funding for qualifying students to help pay their tuition.  Call us for more details on Grant Funding.

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