About AAA Driving Academy

Who are we?

Button Transportation has been in business for 42 years as a leader in the transportation industry. Over those years they have developed a proven system to train professional and safe drivers.

It was a logical choice to open up a truck academy and utilize the years of experience and knowledge to train new drivers. And so, began AAA Academy, LLC.

Our goal at AAA Academy, LLC is to provide the very best training available in the state, if not the country. We support you, our students, from the beginning of the permit process to the final skills and drive test with DMV to obtain your Class A license.

What we stand for

Every day you attend our program you can expect to be treated like one of the family. We strive to create an environment that is fun, yet disciplined.

Success is the GOAL!


AAA Academy, LLC is approved by the California Bureau for Private and Postsecondary Education. Student are welcome to view our approval information at https://www.bppe.ca.gov/

AAA Academy is on the California state Eligible Training Providers List (ETPL) and the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency’ Local Training Providers List (LTPL).  This means AAA Academy qualifies for State, Federal and Local grant funding for qualifying students to help pay their tuition.  Call us for more details on Grant Funding.

AAA Academy Instructors

Lewis Altumare—Instructor

Lewis Altomare has 29-years of industry experience. As a peace officer, he was responsible for commercial vehicle code enforcement. Additionally, Officer Altomare became a P.O.S.T. Certified Field Trainer for newly hired officers, covering Commercial Vehicle Code and a variety of other law enforcement subjects and skills. Lewis joined Button Transportation in 2018 as a driver after a retiring from law enforcement. More recently, he joined AAA Academy, LLC as an instructor to apply his extensive industry experience help train students to pass their commercial driver license tests with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

At AAA Academy, LLC, Lewis develops, refines, and provides classroom and field training with students for DMV testing. He also assists with student counseling services and guidance throughout the training process.


Duane Foster—Instructor

Duane Foster holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, one class short of a Master’s Degree. Duane is a United States Army Certified Instructor. Duane was employed with Button Transportation as a Mentor Driving Instructor, providing job specific driver training for new Class A drivers hired at Button Transportation. Duane Foster has 18-years of experience in the trucking industry with Button Transportation.

Duane helps with developing, refining, and providing assistance to students in the classroom and field training.


Rod Anstead—Instructor

Rod Anstead’s involvement with AAA Academy, LLC as a classroom and field instructor is to provide direct training to help students pass the DMV commercial driver license testing requirements, Additionally, he helps students understand the aspects of professional driving and safe operations, beyond DMV requirements. Rod’s involvement is an essential component for transitioning students into professional, safety-minded drivers.

As an instructor, Rod provides both classroom and field training. This responsibilities include student counseling services and guidance through the training process.

Save for a three-year stint at Bulk Transportation, Rod Anstead worked with Button Transportation for nearly four decades. Rod Anstead holds the top operational supervisory job at Button Trans., Safety Manager. In his current role, Rod is responsible for all personnel hiring and management and safety related issues.


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